New World Burping Record
Tim Janus: 18.1 Seconds!
Get MLE: The Game

New York pizza chef Tim Janus sets official burping world record with a powerful and highly controlled 18.1-second burp.
World Burping Federation
Ru Du Conseil-General
Geneva 1700, Switzerland


End The Stigma. Let The Games Begin.

The World Burping Federation, with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, oversees duration and decibel belching competitions in all G-8 nations, as well as in Brazil, India, Spain, Singapore, Maldives, and the Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands.  The WBF has also established a focus group to explore the possibility of a "burp-talking" division.

The WBF promotes belching best practices and the pursuit of lifelong learning, while also seeking to remove the stigma that has become associated with belching in recent centuries.  With the exclusion of Bahrain, the last bastion in which a belch is considered a compliment, most cultures of the globe look down on burping and consider it to be rude.

Burping is a fundamental part of the digestive process, and the near universal stigma surrounding it has planted the seeds of shame in countless number of people, contributing to a subtle, but significant, degradation of the human experience.
By conducting a series of promotional belching competitions in nations throughout the world, the WBF hopes to usher in a new era when belching is accepted as it was in millennia past.

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