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Hold a WBF Event

The competition rulebook for WBF events is extensive, but an overview of rules for duration burping follows here:

Duration Burping:

  • Competitor may ingest as much beverage prior to burp as s/he chooses. 
  • Competitor may drink beverage immediately prior to burp, and may bring beverage to burping podium, but beverage must be removed prior to start of burp.
  • Burp must continue uninterrupted. Upon interruption judges will stop their watches and that time will stand.  Interruptions not audible to judges will not end the burp.
  • Competitor may use hands to compress stomach, but no other person is allowed to participate in the burp.
  • Volume and lyrical quality of burp do not contribute to performance -- duration only.

Hold A World Burping Contest

The World Burping Federation organizes and manages burping contests for various venues, brands, festivals and events. Services include publicizing the event to media, attracting top burping contestants, providing sound and video equipment, providing a qualified host to run the event smoothly and recording record for fans. WBF events have enormous interest to traditional media and social media alike. Watching a trained athlete belch for 18 seconds straight is an experience that will leave an audience mesmerized and, in some cases, rolling on the floor in laughter.  WBF events are hard to forget and produce enormous buzz.
A traditional WBF event runs from 30 minutes to an hour and consists of between five and 15 contestants. The WBF welcomes amateur and professional burpers alike.
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The Green Burp TM

The WBF maintains a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability and has developed a Green Burp TM protocol for all WBF burping contests, whether they be duration, decibel, or burp-talking events.

Most animals, when they burp, release digestive gases, largely methane gas, which can contribute collectively to the earth's growing greenhouse gas problem. The WBF Green Burp TM is a methane- and carbon-nuetral burp that is generated from the ingestion of air, or pre-existing carbonated beverages, and is not generated from the build-up and subsequent release of digestive gases.  

The Green Burp TM, also known as the "synthteic burp," or "competition burp," is most frequently produced by ingesting quantities of warm carbonated beverage.  Some competitors are skilled enough to gulp or swallow air, thus enabling a burp.  In either case, no new harmful gases are released into the environment. 

The WBF is developing a fundraising effort to purchase carbon credits to offset the electricity it uses in its headquarters office and during its events and hopes to become completely carbon nuetral as an organization by 2017.
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