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An End to Shame
WBF Staff

Sebastian Rothschild
Executive Director

Primo Santarini
Vice President & Recording Secretary

Maureen Dahl
Director of Events/Operations

Kofi Kwame

Arthur Monk
Governmental Liaison

Mgr. Peter Jacques

Keith Jenkins
Media Relations

There was a time -- not too long ago by historical standards -- when a burp was, at its best, a celebration of life, and, at worst, a non-event.  The expulsion of gas from the gullet might be viewed as a show of respect for a meal, or it might be ignored. But it was never the cause for shame. 

Sadly, in the past several centuries our culture has embraced an odd and nearly fetishistic disdain for belching. It is now considered to be a sign of poor manners or low breeding.  The WBF seeks to reverse this trend and to embrace burping as a natural part of the human digestive process, one that affirms our place among the animals of the natural kingdom.

To accomplish our goal we will conduct a world-wide series of burping competitions to begin re-familiarizing the public with
the burping process while celebrating those who show skill in the endeavour.  In 2012 the burping contests will focus on duration, while in 2013 we will hold decibel-based contests.  We will initiate a series of "burp-talking" exhibitions in 2013 for a possible "burp-talking" competition in 2014.

When confronted with any great task we must set a goal and begin moving toward it.  Hope is not a plan.  Action is required to change the world.  Join us as we try to be the change we want to see in the world.

Compliments of the Season,

Sebastian Rothschild
Executive Director, WBF

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