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Breaking: New Yorker Sets New World Burping Record: 18.1 Seconds!
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Timothy Janus, a pizza chef from New York City, has been crowned as the first ever World Burping Champion after delivering an astonishing burp of 18.1 seconds. 

On June 8, 2012, The World Burping Federation held the Burping World Championships in New York City at the Hudson Station Bar and Grill to crown the world’s longest belch in open competition.  Janus made his mark on the belching world with a series of lyrical and melodic burps ranging in duration from 14 to 18.1 seconds. 

Fans were left amazed after the contestants’ performances and other highlights consisted included a 16.3-second burp by Yasir Salem, who finished in second place, but was not able to deliver a burp nearly as impressive as he did in his first and best attempt.  Officials from the World Burping Federation were pleased with all the contestants’ performances, but they were particularly amazed with Janus’s performance and stated that his 18.1-second burp stands as the greatest burp of all time.

"Most striking to me is the emotional range of Janus' burp," said Sebastian Rothschild, executive director of the World Burping Federation.  "It is at once mournful and full of hope."

The event, held at Hudson Station, a popular restaurant and pub located at 440 Ninth Avenue in New York City, featured some of the most prodigious duration burpers now practicing the sport, including Eric Booker, Adeline Medina-Williams, and Kevin Strahle.  The World Burping Championship was sponsored by ‘Major League Eating: The Game,’ a gaming app now available on iTunes for iPhones and iPads.

The June 8 event focused exclusively on duration burping and did not include decibel burping, which is an entirely different discipline and which requires special permits as the exercise frequently violates noise decibel restrictions for restaurants and other public places.  (The WBF is planning a decibel-based event in a suitable location for fall 2012.)

‘Major League Eating: The Game’ is the first-ever competitive eating app, and is expected by many to displace Angry Birds as the most popular gaming app in the world.  The game is available for iPhones and iPads via iTunes and enables players to assume the persona of top professional eaters such as Crazy Legs Conti and Eater X while battling it out in categories such as ribs, wings and tacos. 

The contest tests players’ ability to bring food to their mouths quickly while maintaining control of accumulating gas in the digital stomachs of their avatars.  Failure to do so produces results that are catastrophic or heroic, depending on one’s viewpoint.

“The goal of the WBF is to restore burping to a place of respectability in Western culture, and to remove the stigma that has attached itself to this practice during the past millennium,” said Rothschild.

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