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Tim Janus demonstrated an extraordinary facility with burping at the recent Wolrd Burping Championship, maintaining a strong and consistent flow of air from his stomach through his upper esopahogus. Janus both gupped air into his stomach and drank more than three liters of carbonated liquid prior to each burping effort.

"I drink carbonated beverage, and afterwards regular water to compress the air inside my stomach and to press it out so that no air hides in the corners. In the future I hope to be able to squeeze my esophagus to better control the air-flow and to produce a pleasing musical note."
Yasir Salem produced what many consider to be a much more robust and classical burp, and one that demonstrated personality and texture. Meanwhile, Eric Booker struggled to release his gas, and Kevin Strahl showed enormous promise.

World Burping Championship 2012

Tim Janus stunned crowd with an 18.1-second burp hailed as "lyrical," and "melodic" by judges.  Janus set the standard in the first round of the four-round event after Yasir Salem knocked out a 14.3-second burp that was slightly uneven, but which had enormous chacater and texture.  Janus went on to edge out Salem in the final round, earning himself $500 and the title of world record holder. Badlands Booker was crowd favorite and LA Beast achieved an impressive 12-second burp.

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